Organized by Basha Tharanga Club


Oct 09, 2020 - Oct 09, 2020

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Topic: Suggest ways to support local budding Entrepreneurs Last day of submission: October 9 before 12pm Cash prize: 1st place: 1000 2nd place: 500 Rules for the event: 1. Time limit is 2+1. Videos exceeding this time limit will be automatically disqualified. 2. Videos have to be sent only to bhashataranga.pesu@gmailcom before 12pm. Any videos coming later shall be disqualified. Last date of sending video is 09-10-2020. 3. The language should be decent. Ranting is prohibited. 4. Videos containing derogatory remarks and slang about any person (dead or alive), place, religion, caste, creed and gender will not qualify. Strict action against such students will be taken. 5. The video should be shot in a well lit room. 6. Participants are not allowed to promote the videos on their personal social media account. 7. Participants are allowed to talk in English or Kannada.

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