PES Intra Debate 2020 - Vigilance Week

Organized by Debsoc


Oct 30, 2020 - Oct 31, 2020

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About Debsoc: Debsoc is a Debating Society; where our members, can learn, practice and compete in various parliamentary debates across the globe. The main formats we practice are Asian and British Parliamentary Debates. Our society has a store of matter and information passed down from previous batches to help equip each successive batch with better and more refined debating skills. We pride ourselves on being an open soc and allowing any individual regardless, or their identity, background and prior debating skill, to join our society. With the world seeming to fall apart and your assignments definitely adding up, here's a much-needed stress-buster and chance to win! PES Debating Society brings to you 'The Vigilance Week Debate', a 3v3 intra PES debate open to all students of PES University to be conducted on Discord! Through our debates, we hope to engage in topics concerning public awareness, societal grievances, anti-corruption, and accountability. No prep required, just your enthusiasm to win, curiosity to learn, and a handy bag of wits! Cash Prizes: TBD Overview of the Event: What is it? • An inta asian parliamentary tournament. • 3 vs 3 • 4mins and 20 seconds for each speech • 15 mins of preparation time. How was it conducted? • 3 internal rounds (every team speaks for 3 rounds regardless of if they win or lose) • 2 out rounds (semi-finals and finals for the top 4 teams after the first 3 rounds, we are using the debating standard for point scoring ) Platform • Discord

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