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Project Planning and Management

  Organized by PES Innovation Lab
  May 19, 2021 - May 19, 2021
  11:00 AM - 01:00 AM

About This Event

PES Innovation Lab is proud to introduce the first of a series of weekly workshops aimed at students of all branches and semesters.

The topics we have planned for future workshops include both technical topics like machine learning, web applications and API programming, as well as non-technical, but equally crucial topics such as applying for universities abroad, applying for Google Summer of Code, etc.

The workshop is being conducted by Akshay Vasudeva Rao (PES1201800310) on the necessary thought processes and discipline of Project Management & Planning. Many students, having built tiny apps in high school which usually do not span more than two or three components, often find themselves daunted by projects in university, where they are expected to build projects in an organised, planned manner.

The workshop will last two hours and will cover the following topics:

1. What is Project Management as a discipline? Why does it matter to YOU?

2. What is a "Project"?

3. Project Life Cycle

4. Process Groups

5. Should you do a certification?

6. Process Groups - Initiation

7. Process Groups - Initiation - Project Charter

8. Process Groups - Initiation - Stakeholder Identification

9. Process Groups - Planning

10. Process Groups - Planning - Collecting Requirements

11. Process Groups - Planning - Defining the Scope

12. Process Groups - Planning - Scope Baseline

13. Process Groups - Planning - Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

14. Process Groups - Planning - WBS Dictionary & Scope Creep

15. Process Groups - Planning - Time Management / Developing a Schedule16. Process Groups - Planning - Gantt Chart

17. Process Groups - Planning - Fast Tracking a Project & Project Crashing

18. Process Groups - Planning - Cost Management

19. Process Groups - Planning - Budget development

20. Process Groups - Executing

21. Process Groups - Executing - Gold Plating

22. Process Groups - Monitoring and Controlling

23. Process Groups - Monitoring and Controlling - Earned Value

24. Process Groups - Closing Process Group

25. The way forward.

After the workshop, if time permits, we will answer any remaining questions by the attendees.

The demographic of the workshop is expected to be students from computer science, ECE and Science & Humanities branches, however, it is open to any student studying in PES University.

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