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Everybody has Talent

  Organized by Pratyaya Club
  June 07, 2021 - June 14, 2021

About This Event

All of us have been asked to talk about ourselves at least once in our lifetime, but tell me how many of you have really been confident answering this, just a handful. ‘Everybody has Talent!’ is an event that encourages you to introduce yourself and tell your story through your talent. You can showcase your plethora of talents, It can vary from Painting to Beatboxing.

The objective of this event is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin and to motivate you to come forward and showcase all of your exceptional talents. This event is open to all and sundry. It is to bring together the students, regardless of the streams that they are a part of as Art is a universal language and is a manifestation of emotions, which unites us all.

The participants can showcase any of their talent - Music, Dance, Art, Photography, Short Film, Storytelling, Poetry, Beat boxing, and Sketching. Music teaches us Perseverance and Discipline. Dance teaches us Self- confidence and Teamwork. Painting and Sketching helps you to be Creative and it can stimulate Curiosity. Writing acts as a form of Therapy. Photography helps in Perceiving the world through the lens. Short films give us the opportunity to learn, not just to learn the technical aspects of film making but to learn who we are us people, what we are capable of and our limitations. In conclusion, Art is an inevitable part of life. It enlightens us to imagine, create and reflect our ideas in a visual representation of our world. Above all, Art allows us to express ourselves.

This is an individual event. The announcement of the event will be done on our social media pages by 7th June 2021 (Monday). The participants will be given time until 14th June 2021 (Monday), to submit their art work to pratyayaclub@gmail.com via Google Drive . E-Certificate will be awarded to the winners and a participation certificate will be given to all the participants.

The criteria of judgement:

⦁ Quality of the content,

⦁ Creativity,

⦁ Originality,

⦁ Showmanship and

⦁ Impact of the act.


⦁ Submission of artwork on the given link of Google Drive. Mention you Name, SRN, Department and Campus along with your artwork.

⦁ Video clip shall be a minimum of 120 sec and a maximum of 180 sec ONLY.

⦁ Submission of all the artwork on or before 14th June 2021.

⦁ Any unparliamentary or insensitive work will not be entertained.

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