Fantasy Couture

Organized by The Grimm Readers, in collaboration with Write Angle and NDLI.


Jul 02, 2021 - Jul 04, 2021

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Kavya : 9036917246 Aanchal : 7022735995

Dates : 2 July 2021 (Submissions via Link), 3 July and 4 July 2021 (Presentations). Are you a fan of Fantasy Literature? Do you ever think of alternate universes, or perhaps, enjoy books and movies about them? In a time where so many of us are inclined to fictional worlds inspired by ideas ranging from mythology and folklore to futuristic realities, The Grimm Readers and Write Angle are excited to present our first collaboration - Fantasy Couture!! The expectation : To build the world of your imagination - quite literally! We want you to bring us your perspectives on a world that isn’t ours, starting from the tiniest of details and painting a broader picture for us to imagine. You are the master of this world, you decide what goes - from what the plants look like to the colour of the sun, from the heroes to the villains, and everything in between. Remember - creativity has no boundaries! Prize : Rs.3000 - Winners Rs.2000 - Runners-Up Faculty : Prof. Subhash Reddy B (Librarian, PES University) Platform : MS Teams (for presentation) Deadline : 02 July 2021

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