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Brushing Your Mind

Organized by CSR Club
  September 23, 2021 - September 23, 2021
  03:30 AM - 04:30 AM

About This Event

'What mental health needs is more sunlight more condor and more unashamed conversations' - Glenn Close

Mental health is a priority and with the pandemic and two lockdowns, mental health has surely faced a hit. We, the CSR Club bring to you a 3-Day event "Brushing Your Mind" for prioritizing mental health and mental-wellbeing. The first two days will be a space where students can grieve about the troubles they face with respect to mental wellbeing and the problems they face. Everyone wants to be heard and we want to create that platform for students. Boxes will be placed in various locations in campus and students can write about the problems they are facing and drop it into the box. The identity of the person is not required as we believe that privacy is the most important thing when it comes to mental health. On September 23, we will have a speaker address the students interested for an hourlong interactive session. The queries in the boxes will be read by our heads and at the end of the session those queries shall be addressed as much as possible. At the end of the session there will be a box placed again and students who wish to speak personally to the professional may drop in their contact details so that they can be reached out to by the professional.


September 21, 22 - collection of queries.

September 23 - interactive session. (3:30 to 4:30 pm)

Venue for the interactive session:

F Block Seminar Hall


Mrs. Dharitri Ramaprasad.

Richmond Fellowship Society

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Vijendra Kumar S.K

Event Heads:

Altaf A K

Sneha Saravanan

  • F Block Auditorium, PES University, Ring Road Campus, Bangalore.