Tug of Words

Organized by Pratyaya Club


Sep 30, 2021 - Oct 01, 2021

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Debate is a formal argument or discussion on a particular topic at a public setup. Its well-known game played in all fields. Finance is one such field where debating on topics like current affairs and hot business topics increases knowledge and will also be fun. The agenda behind this event is to inculcate financial literacy among students through a medium of healthy, brainstorming conversation. Financial literacy is important for students as it will equip them with the knowledge and skill to manage their money effectively. The absence of the same will lack a strong foundation in terms of your actions and decisions concerning savings and investments. However, financial literacy will help students in understanding financial concepts in a better way and enable them to manage your finances efficiently. It will also help them in effective money management, financial decisions and achieving financial stability. A strong understanding of the financial principles can help students understand and negotiate the financial landscape while managing the financial risks and avoid financial pitfalls. Financial literacy will help them in building wealth, achieving goals, protecting oneself in the case of emergencies, securing the family's future and make plans related to retirement, which means they will lead a life free from stress. The debate will take place in two rounds, i.e., preliminary and final. Preliminary Round Topic: Effect of FDIs on Indian Economy 1. Individual event. The participant needs to choose whether they want to speak against or for the motion. 2. Each participant speaks for 90 seconds. (1st buzzer- 60 seconds & final buzzer- 90 seconds). 3. Each participant can raise 1 question to its any opposing participant at the end of their speech. 4. The shortlisted finalists will get through to the Final Round. Final Round Topic: Is providing stimulus checks a tool for boosting economy or just increasing the inflation rate? 1. Each finalist will be allocated a number as soon as the result of the Preliminary Round is out. 2. Participants with odd numbers will speak for the motion and those with even will speak against it. 3. Each participant speaks for 3 minutes. There is a negative marking for those exceeding the time limit. (1st buzzer-2 Minutes & Final Buzzer-3 Minutes). 4. Either the judges or other finalists can interject once at the end of the speech. (Please Note: The topic for the finals will be given to all the participants after selection, the motion will be informed as soon as the result of Preliminary Round is out) Timeline 1. 20 September 2021 – Registration Starts 2. 28 September 2021 – Registration Ends 3. 30 September 2021 – Preliminary Round 4. 1 October 2021 – Result Announcement for Preliminary Round 5. 1 October 2021 – Final Round 6. 3 October 2021 - Result Announcement for Final Round Rewards 1. Certificates for Top 3 Speakers 2. The winner will get direct entry to best CFO event final round Registration 1. Through Google Form Link 2. For all departments & branches of all three campuses Judgement Criteria 1. Knowledge regarding finance 2. Flow in the content 3. Oratory Skills 4. Interjectory skills Judging Panel Members 1. Prof. Audrey Sandrilla Pengal – Assistant Professor 2. CA A.S. Gopica – Assistant Professor