Organized by MahilAI Club


Oct 19, 2021 - Oct 19, 2021
@ 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

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Do things shrouded with uncertainty tingle your brains to be analyzed? Do you ever probe your decisions from every angle rather than go with your gut feeling? Ever looked at those galore of strings and numbers, colourful bars and points scattered all over and had an urge to explore it? MahilAI-a community that leverages the use of AI to prevent violence against women is organizing a datathon. In this event, participants will be provided with a data set. Each participant will be given 12 hours to peruse the data set and come up with their analysis findings and recommendations. The given insights must be optimal, unique and must cover all aspects of the data set. ● This is a team/individual event. ● The data sets will be given on spot and will be the same for all students. ● The data set will be based on the themes of woman safety and mental health. ● The participants are required to submit their insights and findings as a Pdf file by the submission deadline, along with a video of their solution. ● Novelty, relevance, and clarity in the analysis will be taken into consideration while judging. Note: The event is exclusively for PESU students. We believe that this event will generate valuable insights and potential solutions which can be implemented to take us closer to our goal. Event Details: ● Date of Event: October 19, 2021 ● Registration Link: ● Last Date to register: October 18, 5 pm ● Team size: 1-2 members ● Duration of the event: 9:00am - 11:00 pm ● Platform: Discord ● Prizes: Cash vouchers worth 1.5k ● Contact:

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