Sprouts Mela and Desserts Town

Balance the Feast


Nov 12, 2021 - Nov 12, 2021
@ 1:00 pm

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"What makes life so sweet and healthy?" In reality, we eat healthy and junk both. After Covid times we have decreased the rate of consuming junk and concentrated more on healthy food. This time we are with new theme, cuisine made of sweet or spicy delicacy. The food club of PESU is organizing a cooking competition on the topic "Sprouts mela and desserts town" Pakasiddhi invites you to prepare lip smacking sprouts and desserts without fire and showcase your culinary skills. Dear folks nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. Make sure you participate in "Sprouts Mela and desserts town" to Grab the delicious opportunity. Cash Prize:
  • First Place: 1500
  • Second Place: 1000
  • Third Place: 500
  • Rules:
  • Time limit 45 min.
  • Participants can be minimum one and maximum 2.
  • Participants should create their innovative recipe.
  • Participants should present the recipe with the written copy of ingredients used.
  • Hygiene should be maintained.
  • No participant should taste before the judgement.
  • Participants efforts are noted and alloted marks.
  • Venue
    PES University, HanumanthaNagar Campus, Bangalore.