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  Balancing Flavors Makes a Recipe The Best
  January 27, 2022 - January 27, 2022

About This Event

"Balancing flavors makes a recipe the best"

The Food Club of PESU is organizing an online cooking competition "INDO ITALIAN MELA".

Today, Italian food is arguably the most popular among all global cuisines in India. It would be wrong to say that Italian and Indian are very similar in taste. The cuisines are vastly different, no doubt, but there is a common thread.

Participants have to prepare 2 recipes. One recipe using hyacinth beans (avarekalu), another recipe of Chinese or Italian.

Dear folks, make your time to participate in the Event and present your extraordinary Cooking Skills with Fire.


1. Event is held in online mode.

2. Duration is 4 + 1 minute.

3. No group participation is entertained, only individual participation.

4. Video must be sent within 6:00 pm of 28th January, 2022.

5. The person who is cooking his/her face must be shown.

6. Judgment will be based on your creativity and within the time limit.

7. Video should be sent through Google drive only

8. Last date to send your videos is 27th before 4:00pm