ACM_W X Alcoding Feb Coding Month

"The battle of coding is on"


Feb 01, 2022 - Feb 28, 2022

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The purpose of this event is to promote algorithmic thinking and problem-solving. The event will be a hands-on experience on competitive coding. This is also an opportunity for the absolute beginners to build consistency and a regular coding routine. Event Description: The event will be spread out over one month i.e., February 2022. Each week will focus on a particular topic of importance, and a set of problems will be provided at the start of the week. The challenge will be open to all, and the solutions will be explained at the end of the week. Event Flow: The weekly theme is as follows: Week-1: Arrays Week-2: Queues Week-3: Binary Search Week-4: Graphs Event Time: Entire Month Event Platform: Hackerrank

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