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Develop For Her

Organized by ACM-W Club
  March 07, 2022 - March 19, 2022

About This Event

The ideathon 'Develop for Her' aims to commemorate International Women's Day celebration 2022. The objective of the ideathon is to give students an opportunity to expand their critical thinking by encouraging them to come up with innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues faced by women in today’s society.

Event Description:

ACM-W is hosting an ideathon 'Develop for Her'. The ideathon will enable students to present their ideas and solutions pertaining to the challenges faced by women. The event will be held in two phases and are split up as follows:

● Phase 1 - Open to all students - submission of their problem statement and solutions - top 10 teams will be shortlisted and invited for Phase 2.

● Phase 2 - Shortlisted teams presenting their idea (Pitch deck, business canvas, etc) - in front of a panel of judges - who will assess them - declare the top 3 winners of the competition.

Event Flow:

● Phase 1 - Idea Submission (7th March to 13th March )

● Phase 2 - Presentation of ideas (19th March)

○ Event launch

○ Introduction of judges

○ Presentation of Ideas

○ Lunch

○ Results Declaration

○ Event Conclusion

Event Dates:

● Phase 1 : 7th March - 13th March

● Phase 2 : 19th March

Event Platforms:

● Phase 1 : Google Forms

● Phase 2 : B Block Seminar Hall