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Organized by People Partner, the HR Forum of BBA department.
  March 10, 2022 - March 10, 2022
  10:45 AM

About This Event

People Partner, the HR Forum of BBA department is coming up with their second event of the semester "HIREADY" on 10th March'22, at 10:45 AM.

A mock interview mirrors an actual job interview. It gives an opportunity to practice what to say and do during an interview and get feedback. Successful interviewing is an acquired skill. Like all skills, practice will hone those skills. Attending a mock interview will help the participants to analyse their strong and weak points and boost self-confidence. It allows one to also understand how to respond to unexpected situations during the interview process.

1) Through the Hiready event, participants can increase comfort and confidence during the interview process and enhance their interview skills.

2) To help learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies and improve communication skills.

3) Provide feedback to aid in assessing current strengths and weaknesses of participants.

The competition consists of 3 rounds


The participants will attend a general aptitude test which includes aptitude quiz and brain game puzzle. The top 25 performers will advance to the next round.

Time duration: 20 mins


The participants are divided into group of 5 and each group is given topics of real mock interview questions and are required to come up with convincing solutions. The top 5 performers in the group discussion will advance to the final round.

Time duration: 50 mins (10 minutes per group)


It includes a one-on-one interview round with the finalists. The participants are asked real life interview questions and are required to come up with logical answers.

Time duration: 25-30 mins


1. Only individual participation allowed

2. Registrations open for all students in Management studies

3. Certificates will be awarded for all participants and winners

4. Total duration of the event- 2 hours

Venue/Platform: Tech park, BBA Department

  • Tech Park, PES University, 100 Feet Ring Road, BSK III Stage, Bengaluru.