Objection! My Lord!

Organized by Vadavivada club


Mar 10, 2022 - Mar 10, 2022
@ 2:00 pm

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Don't be the bait, Wake up and Debate... Take your stance, Prove your point make the Dias Yours and make sure you bring or give justice for your stance. The only platform which encourages and motivates you to talk and argue and enjoy the process of getting yourself the recognition of taking a stance on a certain Subject. Give it a shot and unleash the beast within yourselves to bring out the justice to the Topic given to you. You are your own master and your stance and arguments are all that matters. Don't back yourself or demotivate yourself, trust yourself and give it a Shot. We provide a Platform and give you an opportunity to make it yours and take it and Have a Blastttt!!! We've got our pocket friendly informer Instagram, follow our page @vadavivada.pesu to know more and get frequent updates from our end. Rules for the Competition: 1. Time limit: 3+1 min. 2. Derogatory remarks and slang about any person, caste, religion, creed and gender is strictly prohibited. If done serious action will be taken. 3. Language barrier is Kannada and English.

PES HN Campus, 50 Feet Road, Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore.