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  Lalbagh Clean Up Drive
  March 19, 2022 - March 19, 2022
  09:00 AM - 04:00 AM

About This Event

"The state of our surroundings tells the conditions of our soul."

Once the “Garden City” of India, Bengaluru is now known by a variety of different names, some of which are undesirable. People have forgotten that keeping their environment clean should be something that they must actively strive to do. Especially after the pandemic, people seem to have lost the awareness and connection to the environment they once had. We, the CSR club of PESU feel that if the right mindset and concern for the environment is inculcated into the minds of young students, it will go a long way in both, their future and the planet’s. So, we are organizing a cleaning drive for 100 young student volunteers on the 19th of March 2022, at, arguably, the most beautiful and significant garden – park of the city, Lalbagh. The volunteers will be taken to the venue from the college directly. At the venue, the volunteers will be split into groups of 5 and each group would be given the responsibility of spreading awareness to the general public present at that time and also clean their assigned area of Lalbagh, thus making sure that the park looks the best it can. Food and Refreshments will be provided to the volunteers so that they will have the energy to accomplish their tasks more efficiently. The volunteers will also be privy to a talk by the Directors/Officials of Lalbagh. After the tasks have been accomplished, values inculcated, impact spread and experiences had, the students will be transported back to college by 4pm, the same day, ready to spread awareness and impact across society for the rest of their lives.


March 19, 2022

Depart for Lalbagh at 9 am

Back at college by 4 pm

Venue: Lalbagh, Bengaluru

Volunteers: Students of the University

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Vijendra Kumar S.K

Event Heads:

Devadutt BU

Vaishnavi BV

Megha Shashidhar

  • Lalbagh, Bengaluru.