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Mr. Spicy And Mrs. Sweet

Mr. Spicy Corn With His Wife Mrs. Sweety Delight
  April 05, 2022 - April 05, 2022

About This Event

Life is a mixture of sweet and spicy The Food Club of PESU is organizing a cooking competition "MR. SPICY AND MRS. SWEET".

Who does not love eating sweets? Anyone can get in touch with delicious fattening foods so quickly. Spicy foods have certainly loaded a punch in items of taste. It can provide our tongues with yummy yet burning tastes which help to make our body temperature enhance can even make us sweat excessively in each and every bite we eat.

Participants have to prepare 2 recipes. One spicy recipe using sweet corn, another sweet recipe. Exciting prizes for winners.


1. Time limit 45 min.

2. Participants can be a minimum of one and a maximum of 2.

3. Participants should create their innovative recipe.

4. Participants should present the recipe with a written copy of the ingredients used.

5. Hygiene should be maintained.

6. No participant should taste before the judgment.

7. Participants' efforts are noted and allotted marks.

8. Event is held in offline mode

9. Cooking without fire

Duration: 45minutes

  • PES HN Campus, 50 Feet Road, Hanumanthanagar, Bangalore – 560050.