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  Portfolio Website Building Workshop'22
  November 26, 2022 - November 28, 2022
  10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

About This Event

The portfolio website is the best way to express and showcase your abilities and projects. It's also a place where we can put up technical blogs to go in-depth into particular topics that interest you. Recruiters who scout for people come across these portfolio websites more often than resumes as websites are a hassle-free way to look at someone’s profile.



This makes portfolio websites an important profile of a developer.


Our objective for this hands-on webinar/workshop is to impart our knowledge of web development to the participants and help them build a basic portfolio website.


Day 1 [26/11/2022- 2 Hours]


  • Introduction of speakers and the webinar [5min]
  • Introduction to the web, HTML, CSS and Javascript [40min]
  • Provide an online tool for participants to mess around with properties and understand the main constructs of HTML/CSS [5min]
  • Break [10min]Introduction to React [30min]Going over the fundamentals of React and Components [30min]Provide the template for the portfolio website (Code Sandbox)
  • Q & A [10min]


Day 2 [28/11/2022- 2 Hours]


  • Presentation of projects [1hr 30min]
  • Break/Judging [10min]
  • Closing Ceremony / Awards [20min]




  • INR 750: Best Design
  • INR 750: Best Implementation
  • INR 1000: Misc. Costs for the event conduction (Posters, Stickers, etc)