Positive Psychology: Unlock Your Inner-Self

Discover more about psychology & foster your inner self.


Apr 06, 2023 - Apr 06, 2023
@ 9:00 am

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Department of Psychology is hosting their first One-Day Seminar on the topic Positive Psychology: Unlock Your Inner-Self. Sounds like an exciting event! Positive Psychology is an interesting and valuable field of study that can help individuals improve their mental well- being and overall quality of life. This seminar will provide the participants with useful tools, techniques and deeper understanding of the key concepts and strategies of positive psychology, such as cultivating gratitude, positive mindset, developing optimism, and building resilience. Connect with like- minded people and gain valuable insights. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to discover more about psychology and foster your inner self. Including guest talks and workshops on positive psychology by the finest psychologists in Bangalore.

Techpark, Seminar Hall, PES University - RR Campus, 100ft Ring Road, BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085.