Blood Donation Camp - 2019

Come join hands with us to save lives and spread awareness.


Nov 18, 2019 - Nov 18, 2019
@ 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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Rahil: 8861991468 Anirudh: 9986989891 Jeevan: 9686553150 Ajay Raj: 9845171122

Donating blood is among one of the highest service one can render to humanity. It is a very noble and crucial act as many hospitals are in need of blood to save lives. In India BDC is conducted by several organizations and educational institutions and other philanthropic associations. The CSR club of PES University is one among them setting an example to all the youth by conducting Blood Donation Camp annually. The BDC 2018-19 conducted by the club was a big success by collecting 968 units of blood shared to 4 major Govt blood banks and 1 Pvt blood bank. The preparation for this BDC began 2 months prior to the event. We create awareness using posters on notice boards, leaders interacting with students in the classrooms on the benefits of donors and recipients, seeking volunteer registrations using google groups and also announcing in the PESU app. Around 120 volunteers under the leadership of our coordinator worked consistently to make this event a success. To cure a disease, to save a life, to give a person a normal, happy future, blood donation is a way to make your life mean something more. Breakfast and lunch are sponsored by the Youth Red Cross, Bangalore, PESU Branch

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