Cloud A - Z

Explore major fields such as AWS, Cloud Networking, Infrastructure and much more.


Mar 11, 2020 - Mar 11, 2020
@ 01:30 PM to 03:15 PM

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One of the most interesting facts about cloud computing is that data storage doesn’t actually take place in some nebulous ether like many imagine it does. Cloud computing simply means that your data is stored on the Internet using remote servers, rather than being stored locally on your hard drive or company network. So come join us to know more about Cloud Computing. We have Mr. Ansari giving us a hands on session on Amazon Web Services. We are going to explore major field such as AWS, Cloud Networking, Infrastructure and many more. Prerequisite: To make the workshop much more interactive we would request u to create an account in AWS. The link for it is The account creation takes max of 2 days, so hurry up guys. We need internet connection for our workshop: Will get permission for it on Monday. Topics to be delt on in this workshop: 1. introduction - Physical DataCenter 2. introduction - Virtual DataCenter 3. introduction - Cloud Service Provider 4. Configuration Management Tools a. Aws Amazon Web Services b. EC2 Instance c. Cloud Storage d. Cloud Networking, Security Group e. Lambda f. AWS Demo g. Infrastructure as a Code Demo Speaker: Name: MR. Ansari 14+ Years of IT Infrastructure experience Certified on AWS, Redhat Linux, VMware, Solaris, Microsoft Worked on PCS, TCS, Wipro, IBM, Hitachi, HPE, Indecomm Global Currently working in: linsys innovations

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