Fundraiser for Australia

Raising funds for the Australian Wildfires


Jan 27, 2020 - Jan 29, 2020
@ 03:45 PM

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27th and 29th January We're hosting two fun days filled with all the fun activities, all for a single cause: raising funds for the Australian Wildfires. On the 27th, we have an amazing line up: a stand-up performance by the Bisibele Bois, dance and music events! All this only for 150! 27th, MRD, 3:30 onwards. Tickets are being sold for two days in OAT and PIR3. 29th we have a carnival lined up for you! Whether it's seven up seven down, is throwing a wet sponge in your friend's face, we got you covered! 😉 There will be amazing snacks too! All proceeds go to Australia. Please come, have fun, and do your part to save the world Australian Wildfires Fundraiser: 27th and 29th January.

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MRD Auditorium, PES University