VINYASA - 2020

Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering PESIT-BSC


Mar 07, 2020 - Mar 07, 2020

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“VINYASA” is an annual design competition organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering PESIT-BSC, E-City Campus, which celebrates the talent and fresh design ideas among the students across the campus. It motivates and encourages young designers to think, create and exhibit innovative designs that can be practically implemented. Different themes encompassing various domains like robotics, mechanisms for health and rehabilitation purposes etc. will be provided to the students and they will be allowed to select the theme of their choice. The students participate in teams of 4 and will be provided 12 hours to create their own working models incorporating their innovations and creativity and finally one team from a particular theme will be selected for the exciting reward based on the concept and its successful demonstration. The topics are: 1. Completely mechanical footstep power generation system 2. Mini portable cooler

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