APIs & Web Development

Organized by PES Innovation Lab


May 19, 2021 - May 19, 2021
@ 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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PES Innovation Lab is proud to introduce the first of a series of weekly workshops aimed at students of all branches and semesters. The topics we have planned for future workshops include both technical topics like machine learning, web applications and API programming, as well as non-technical, but equally crucial topics such as applying for universities abroad, applying for Google Summer of Code, etc. The workshop is being conducted by Sourav T Raveendran (PES1201800433) on the technical and logical aspects of building an Application Programming Interface (API for short). APIs are used to take advantage of services built by other developers and are a way for programs to communicate more efficiently and safely over the internet. It is an essential concept that finds applications in nearly any kind of service that needs communication between components. The workshop will last two hours and will cover the following topics: 1. What is an API ? 2. Writing your own APIs 3. Server side development 4. Client-Server architecture 5. Briefly cover what frontend entails After the workshop, if time permits, we will answer any remaining questions by the attendees. The demographic of the workshop is expected to be students from computer science, ECE and Science & Humanities branches, however, it is open to any student studying in PES University.

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